About us

Sweet Lemon story : a belgian brand established in 2012.

The Sweet Lemon story started with Arnaud and his grand-father Jacques, that everyone in the shoe business calls M. Maniet. Shoe lovers & expert, Jacques was one of the very first man to go to Italy (driving his cox) to find the very best of the italian know-how and then import it in Belgium.

A shoe lovers family

Arnaud and his grandfather want to create their own women shoe brand together. To help them, they can stand by the talented stylists and high quality manufacturers that worked with Jacques in the past.

From grandfather to grandson, but also from Italy to Belgium. Arnaud & his grandfather visited many factories from « the Boot » to come back with an accurate idea of the collection they wanted to design. Inspired by the avant-garde of the fashion weeks, Sweet Lemon translates trends into the belgian fashion code to offer high quality products to all the true ladies in love with fashion.